"Art is changing. 

The art instants designed by the art director Célia Stroom bring high-quality craftsmanship, the fine arts, music, fragrance and further know-how to life in an ever new way. Something extraordinary is happening. 

Her Gesamtkunstwerk approach plays with all your senses. You can touch parts of the installation and you also actively enrich it for all attendees, in the sense that everyone’s presence makes a difference. 

Combined with contemporary audaciousness the result remains unlike any given within today’s contemporary art scene. What this animate artistic creation engenders is in every way unique.

Not only has art changed over the past decades and centuries, but new means of creativity are continuing to emerge. Like all great art, this new kind of art experience stays with you far beyond the minutes it lasts."  

June 2017,  Galerie RX - Paris. Nicola Marian Taylor, art critic. 

3 cups


Vocal Performance

Celia Stroom Laura Malvarosa, Elsa Stroom, Armelle Marq, Arthur Cady, René Ramos, Evelyn Vergara, Ellen Giacone


Quentin Bisch



Elsa Stroom 

Supper at Emmaüs - Caravaggio 

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founded BY CELIA STROOM the 1st of april 2015 

the birthday of 'BAUHAUS MOVEMENT'


Inspired by one of this first school who invented the concept of "total" artwork (Gesamtkunstwerk) in which all arts would be brought together, the French curator Celia Stroom invited multidisciplinary artists to start an experimentation about what could be a multisensory exhibitions.

Together, with Quentin Bisch (France) perfumer,  Loïse Bulot (France) visual artist and electronic music composer, Elsa Stroom (France) textile designer, Cloe Crettaz (Swizerland) graphic designer, Salomé Jashi (Georgia) vidéo maker and Armelle Marq, Ellen Giacone, René Ramos Premier, Evelyn Vergara, Arthur Cady, Laura Malvarosa (France) singers and actors, they invented an experimental concept of show, "L'OEIL ECOUTE", based on the phoenomenon of synesthesia. The very concept is to stimulate all the senses of the audience and invite people to immerse deeply their body and mind. 

The project seek to create visually arresting performances without borders.They have designed 4 shows:

Caravaggio - Residency at GALERIE RX (Paris) - 2015 

Picasso - Residency at L'échangeur (Centre de développement chorégraphique) - 2016 

• Magritte - Residency at KUNSTFABRIK HB55 (Berlin) - 2017 

• Frida Kahlo - Residency at Writer's House of Tbilisi (Georgia) - 2018 

• Dame à la Licorne - Residency at Theater im Delphi (Berlin)+Alliance Française de Kolkata (Inde) - 2019 


The curator invented the principle of "unique show" since you will never see twice the same. 

The collective is promoted only by word of mouth. 

The surprise effect and the mystery are the key point of this experience.

The collective engages long research phases, exploring painters collections and contemporary rituals which could have been their source of inspiration. In 2018, the artistic director have been exploring rituals in  Moldavia, Italy, India, Mexico, Georgia and France.

In 2019, Celia Stroom exports these concepts of multidisciplinary // multisensory// intimate exhibitions in the collective Heroines. This international group of female artists creates every year an exhibition about female intimacy in countries where the topic is neglected. =>> www.heroineswave.com

Electronic music

Loïse Bulot

Live Drawings

Loïse Bulot

Electronic Textile

Mika Satomi


Célia Stroom

Roots - Frida Kahlo

What we do?


How can we immerse physically the audience in artistic shows ? How we can develop a ritualistic approach that connects everyone to the nature and human beings. Celia Stroom started to explore these topics. She wrote the concept of this multidisciplinary project where artists from different fields would experiment the impact of multisensory shows. Each of them looks like a surrealistic or dadaist ritual praising intuition, deep emotions and connections between human beings. It creates a unique micro-utopia where all the participators (performers+audience) share similar experiences in one space. 



We consider that the costumes can become active performers, the performers can become elements of the decor, the decors and costumes can be the same object, a living one which stimulates all the senses.  In our immersive shows, every single element becomes a part of a whole landscape. This is the intention of the collective. Thus the perfumer, the stage director, the stage designer, the video maker, the graphic designer and the electronic textile designer are working together following the precious process of DIT (Do it together). We try to stimulate all human senses at a deep sensory level. The process of “synesthesia” or co-perception in psychology allows two or more bodily senses to be coupled. In the state of synesthesia one may perceive music through colors, or visualize certain objects while hearing sounds or music, or feeling a taste of fruits while touching ice.  During our immersive shows, the audience can touch, hear, smell and be wrapped in a visual landscape.

Totemic dance  - Picasso




The company offers workshops for artists students and professionals looking to expand their knowledge and experience in multidisciplinary creation.  A team of tutors Georgian, German & French, invites artists to create a multidisciplinary exhibition show at the end of the workshop, following the Bauhaus School guideline :  “To be capable of creating moving, living, artistic space requires a person whose knowledge and abilities respond to all the natural laws of statics, mechanics, optics, and acoustics and who, in having command of all these fields of knowledge, finds sovereign means of giving body and life to the idea which he bears within himself." Martin Gropius - 


Workshops include:

  • Free dances - inspired by the pioneers of contemporary dance #monteverita

  • Video - live filming

  • Storytelling - how you research and then you write a concept

  • Vocal improvisation and composition - play with your vocal textures and compose scores

  • Installations - made with applied arts



- expand the fields of competence

- create an international network of artists

- compare and explore the cultural backgrounds

- learn from each other

- discover new methods of creation


Workshop at the Theater im Delphi  - Berlin (march)

Workshop at Art-Villa Garikula - Georgia (september)